Gerren’s Damn Cool Mods

I love to to make cool shit. This is a collection of mods I’ve made for the video game Fallout 4. These mods range in complexity from super simple like ‘Unladylike with Fuzz’, to super complex like ‘Automatron Rebooted’. I do this because it’s fun, I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Unladylike with Fuzz

This mod adds versions of the haircut ‘Unladylike’ with more fuzz of the short side of the cut. Works for both male and female characters.

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Automatron Rebooted

This mod fixes all of the most common bugs with Automatron. It’s the number one quality of life mod for any Rust Devils out there. It also adds a brand new Makeshift Robot Workbench.

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Unique Scavs 3.0

Unique Scavs

3.0 is out now! This version adds in 30+ new items (clothing, armor, weapons, furniture), their level lists, and a fully functional subway settlement.

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Modular Sling Backpack

This is a standalone asset from my mod Unique Scavs. This is a sling backpack that can be modified in several ways; decals, color, flashlight, addons, carry capacity, and more!

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Mod Author
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